Course Subscription Offering

This is a innovative feature from WildlifeCampus that allows you to access the complete range of WildlifeCampus online courses for a small monthly subscription fee, as an alternative to purchasing courses.

Please Note: This Subscription Option is applicable to our ONLINE Courses only.

Does subscription replace the normal method of payment?
  • No, subscription simply adds choice.
    1. You may continue to purchase courses as usual.
    2. You may Subscribe to WildlifeCampus and gain access to all of our courses.
  • If you have previously purchased a course(s) you will always retain access to the course(s).
  • How does subscription work?

    Once subscribed you get immediate and full access to all the courses offered by WildlifeCampus for the full period for which you are subscribed. You may access all the content online, download it and take the assessments.

    You may access and complete as many courses as you are able while subscribing.

    Why should I subscribe?

    When you subscribe, you'll effectively get access to R 44,000.00 worth of courses for a flat rate of R 300.00 per month (credit card | EFT | Debit Order).

    How do I subscribe?

    1. Firstly you need to be a registered student (registration is free).
    2. Then click here.
    3. On this page you may select the type of subscription that best suits you.
    4. You'll be guided through the process and conclude with access to all the course content.
    5. I've already purchased a course, can I still subscribe?

      • Yes, subscribing does not affect any courses that you may already have purchased or have access to.
      • You'll always retain access to courses you own and your Academic Record will remain unaffected.
      • By subscribing now, you'll simply get access to all the courses you haven't already purchased.
      • When WildlifeCampus launches new courses, will my subscription increase?

        • No, this is one of the main benefits of subscription.
        • If you are already subscribed, as WildlifeCampus launches new courses, you'll automatically get full access to them, without any increase in your monthly subscription.
        • What does it cost to subscribe?

          We offer 3 subscription packages.
          (a convenient currency converter is included beneath the Tables)

          For Individuals
          Number of subscribers Cost per month
          1 R 300.00 - by EFT / Credit Card / Debit Order

          For Families
          Number of subscribers Cost per month Discount
          2 R 495.00 10 %
          3 R 740.00 10 %

How long does the subscription last?