Student Top 100

for the 'Behaviour Guide to African Primates' course
The top 100 list is calculated per course as follows:
1) The student has not graduated this course.
2) The student has completed at least 1 module.
3) The number of modules completed.
4) The average test score obtained for all the modules completed for this course.

Note: The module badge is only displayed if all the components for the module are passed.
Login name Position Badges
janicewood1Introduction to PrimatesBush Babies and PottosOld World MonkeysColobus Monkeys
zaniasteyn2Introduction to PrimatesBush Babies and Pottos
Gemma883Introduction to PrimatesBush Babies and Pottos
nipper4Introduction to PrimatesBush Babies and Pottos
mcburns735Introduction to PrimatesBush Babies and Pottos
SylvieVdB6Introduction to PrimatesBush Babies and Pottos
avaneeden7Colobus MonkeysGreat Apes
jcumin8Bush Babies and Pottos
punker_mak9Introduction to Primates
IvorvanRooyen10Introduction to Primates
Jeff212811Bush Babies and Pottos
MeganWentzel12Introduction to Primates
sarah04513Introduction to Primates
MRall14Introduction to Primates
Niel15Introduction to Primates

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