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I can tell you that you have been instrumental in helping me to make some life changing choices in my life.

I gave up my corporate position after 30 or so years and bought a small lodge called Southern Sands Ecolodge. We are situated on the banks of the Olifants River near Hoedspruit on a farm called Ndlovumzi Nature Reserve.

Because of the courses and content on this site I am more able to give informative and enjoyable games drives and walks on the reserve, as well as host couples, families and small groups.

A HUGE THANK YOU and keep up the great work.

Terry O’Connor – WLC student since 2005
I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Wildlife Campus team. I have benefited very much from the online classes and am better than I was two years ago. I have been able to do my FGASA Exam which I passed and also did my assessment which I did very well and I am now a qualified NQF2 Guide.

The amount of knowledge that you have shared with us is exceptional.

I will continue to do more courses with you and I have told my friends and Colleagues and most of them want to enrol.

Thank you once again to the whole wildlifeCampus team. I would not have done it without you.

Caroline – Field Guiding/Game Ranging Course Student
I took a look at a sampling of modules of the new content of the Field Guiding course, and compared it side-by-side with the old content.


You have made it miles better, and I am thoroughly impressed.

I especially liked the use of colour, more tables, and small value-adds, like including footprint and tracks, is a masterstroke.!!

Very well done !!

Ian – Field Guiding/Game Ranging Course Student
It was an excellent course .
Sune – Front Of House Lodge Operations Course Student
I found the course quite interesting.
Nicholas – Front Of House Lodge Operations Course Student
Thank you so much. I thoroughly enjoyed the FOH Course. Looking forward to doing so many more .
Jill – Front Of House Lodge Operations Course Student
Thank you so much it was a lot of fun.
Melany – Front Of House Lodge Operations Course Student
I would like to say how much I've enjoyed taking your courses. The content is wonderful and I appreciate all that has been done with developing this content for the world to better understand conservation. Hats off to all WLC!
Anthony (Wild Response) – WLC lifetime subscriber
I really enjoyed the online course and found it very informative, this will just all to my knowledge as a qualified NQF 2 Field Guide.
Tyron– Field Guiding/Game Ranging Course Student
This is very interesting, I love it. Thank you for the excellent reading material. Cant wait to go on with the courses you offer.
Gerda - African Folklore by Credo Mutwa
A profoundly rich and meaningful program. Thanks to WildlifeCampus.
Trevor– Wildlife Management Course Student
The course was very useful and I’m hoping it will help in future. Looking forward in doing more online courses with WLC.
Tatenda – Wildlife Management Course Student
The Front Of House course was excellent! I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was very informative and insightful indeed.
Aminata – Front Of House Lodge Operations Course Student
I really enjoyed the course, it was both interesting and challenging. A good investment in knowledge. Looking forward to starting my next course.
Aminata – Game Lodge Management Course Student
I really enjoyed the course it was very informative.
Chase – Capture, Care and Management of Wildlife Course. Student
It was nice dealing with WildlifeCampus.
I enjoyed the course a lot, interesting to compare notes to what we experience in the field.
Joe – Human Wildlife Conflicts Course Student
I really like and understand this component because its more about guest needs before they arrive and also when they onboard, when they arrive and departure and generally how to handle guest complaints. This assists in future handling of customer complaints I am therefore looking forward to put all of these details in practice and learn more. Its a good course indeed
Otsile – Game Lodge Management Course Student
Thank you for the course for being done on online l thank you truly
Roy – Game Lodge Management Course Student
I really enjoyed the course. It was interesting and insightful. The best part for me were the tests and the questions asked. It was not your usual textbook question/answer but rather live situation questions which allows you to really understand the role as Lodge Manager but also to know if you are capable and up for the task.
Kimberley – Game Lodge Management Course Student
I really enjoyed the course. It was interesting and insightful. The best part for me were the tests and the questions asked. It was not your usual textbook question/answer but rather live situation questions which allows you to really understand the role as Lodge Manager but also to know if you are capable and up for the task.
Kimberley – Game Lodge Management Course Student
What a fantastic course, I really enjoyed it and was a bit sad when it finished. I will definitely be looking into the other courses on offer
Kim – Wildlife Management Course Student
“My son and I both really enjoyed the kids course. It was nice to do it together. The best part was to see the excitement in my son when he was answering the questions and getting them right, it made unforgettable memories ?? My son is also ecstatic to be a member of the WildlifeCampus Kid’s Club”.
Vaughn – Multiple Online Course Student
“Thank you very much. Definitely found very enjoyable!”
Martine – Game Lodge Management Student
“Appreciate it and thank you for all the opportunities to date. I have truly learnt a lot and have enjoyed it”.
Jacques – Multiple Online Course Student
“Thank you so much! I have enjoyed this course very much”.
Katherine – Field Guiding Student
“I really enjoy your courses”.
Rowan – Multiple Online Course Student
“Thanks again for your wonderful online courses!”
Nicole – Multiple Online Course Student
“The course was great, it certainly had me using my brain and had to repeat many of the test but I learnt a great deal and much to go but thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks to you all!!”
Anthony – Multiple Online Course Student
“Thanks so much for the outstanding work, I got the certificate and I am very happy”.
Ben – Cultural Guiding Limpopo student
“The course was extremely interesting and I learnt a lot from it. I hope I will be able to put it to good use in the future”.
Sandy – Anti-Poaching Student
“Thank you so much. We are very pleased with the course and what they have learned”.
Ahadi Boys Home – Kenya – Kids Big 5 Course -9 Students.
“I am so excited to start this course and many others. What you guys have set up is amazing!”
Leah – Multiple Online Course Student
“Thank you for your excellent service, now I know my studies is in good hands and I have made the correct choice to study with WildlifeCampus!”
Arno – Game Lodge Management Student
“So much interesting stuff on WildlifeCampus”!! ??
Joris – Multiple Online Course Student
“I’m very happy for this course and very happy to count for this course. and its very challenging question which make me to be more understanding about the big five animal. I love your web site”.
Samuel – Big 5 Course Student
“This was a great experience, and I would like to experience more about my country. Thank you thousand times”.
Kgwadi – Cultural Guiding Limpopo Student
“These courses are excellent. Well put together, very interesting, and the "test as you go" mechanism is very good at embedding learning. I'll be doing a few more over the next while. Good use of the "lock-down".
David – Anti-Poaching Course Student
“I’m already impressed with your service and I will surely recommend it to my friends and colleagues”.
Mzukisi - Game Lodge Management Student
“I find studying with Wildlife Campus most enjoyable, as I can do it in my own time and follow my own pace. Thank you such a great initiative”.
Maryna – Multiple Online Course Student
The questions do indeed create room for conversation, debate and application of one’s own logic to get to some of the answers. In fact Adelina (my wife) and I are truly enjoying the course and the more and more we work through the modules the more we know this career path is exactly what we want to do! What we find particularly great about the course is the test. We both study the module individually but then we write the test together – deliberating on the answers. It is amazing how some questions – our answers come very quick and answers are the same but yet there are some questions we do interpret differently. I do believe this creates a better learning experience. The old business principle of 1 + 1= 3. We are definitely learning. Thank you for a great course!
Johan van Rooyen - Game Lodge Management
My study ' Cultural Guiding KwaZulu Natal' was an amazing journey through history and memory of the study I did many years ago in school especially the Angola -Zulu war brought sad memory of my school history subject. I appreciate the personal feedback I got from WildlifeCampus. My deep appreciation goes to Eloise Acx whose personal support encouraged me in pursuing my studies which were a bit difficult with the online studies and at my age. I could not have done the study without your feedback and kind assistance.
Sarah Maula - Cultural Guiding
After completing the course in Wildlife management, just a short letter of appreciation to you and Wildlife campus. Firstly, congratulations on a brilliant course! This has really been an interesting road to follow with a magnitude of facts and concepts to consume and understand on the subject of Wildlife Ecology. The Wildlife Management course covers a wide range of topics and gives a lot of background information, all which is needed in decision making and management. Although no practical sessions are included in the course, your questions and calculations are of a practical nature and puts one face to face with the real situation on game farms. The workbook not only served as a “test for your own knowledge” but served as an extra “textbook” – the questions forced you to think, re-think, re-calculate, and argue, thereby deepening your understanding. To me, the highlight of the course, came at end (Guide 4: Vegetation, carrying capacity and management). The theory from the previous study guides became clear by applying them into a practical situation (with Msasa Nature Reserve as the example). The step by step field surveys, calculations on grazing and browsing capacity, setting stocking rates and eventually applying it into a management plan, nicely summed up the course (“the loose ends all came together”). Personally, I have a sincere interest in management (production animals) as well as ecology. These 2 facets are closely interwoven and inter-dependant on each other on livestock- and on game farms. The day to day demands and workload of veterinary practice however prevented me from doing the degree in Wildlife Management at UP. I therefore find your distance learning course as a brilliant alternative for those interested in fields of ecology and management. For wildlife veterinarians , it gives a better understanding of the sensitive interaction between animal and environment, and all facts to consider when dealing with wildlife. Clients can be better advised and guided in their decision making, day to day management, farm problems, etc. A lot of this came out of your course. Excellent work and appreciation to you as Ecologists/ Zoologists and Wildlife Campus.
Dr. André Beytell (B.V.Sc)
Great new design !
Thank you, yes it was very interesting, useful and enjoyable. I’m very grateful to Wildlife Campus for the opportunity to improve my skills and the monthly payment option, which without, I could never have afforded this course. Completing this certificate has actually earned me a new grade level in the company that employ’s me and I plan to do another one of your courses.
Kevin Whitlock – Field Guiding
Yay!!! Thank you :-) I really enjoyed the content of all the modules! After completing the course, I now also have so much more respect for a field guide (not that I didn’t have any before…) - but I realised, being a field guide is so much more than just "knowing your animals and trees" :-)
R.H - Field Guiding
I am happy to have successfully completed this course, it was so interesting and was able to learn a lot and since I started it my field experience has improved a lot.
O.G. - Wildlife Management
Thank you very much, and for offering this really informative course! I've already recommended it to a few friends and will possibly do more myself in the future
B.H. - Wildlife Management
Dear Jonathan, Thank you, I really enjoyed it and I look forward to doing a few more of the WildlifeCampus courses :)
B.W. - Game Lodge Management
Thank you again, I love African wildlife, I want to see with my own eyes too, but till I finish my studies the Wildlife Campus will satisfy all my wishes about that. Awesome!
B.K. from Slovakia. - Behaviour Guide to African Carnivores
Thank you so much it was a really interesting course.
Game Lodge Management
The Wilderness Navigation course is one of your best
AJ Cronje - Wilderness Navigation
Hi Eloise, thanks for the update and all the help. I am extremely impressed with the personal engagement you and the team give to students. It creates peace of mind. I will continue to make use of your courses once I have relocated to Botswana
Congratulations with this perfect program you are offering and perfect for people like us, living in the middle of nowhere but with Internet.
Fabulous concept, nothing quite like this outhere anywhere !
Thank you so much. An absolute pleasure working with such competent professional institution.
Berlinda – Game Lodge Management
Many thanks for showing me how beautiful it is. I am proud of your education and knowledge that i have got from you and have provided me as a WildlifeCampus.
Manrich Ignitia – Field Guiding
Thank you for a speedy and comprehensive reply. It gives me some peace of mind. Some feedback from my side as a learner, I like the fact that the questions are structured in such a way that I'm having to apply the content and that they're not testing the content itself word for word. It's the first time I've come across such an assessment and kudos to you guys for it. I'm actually looking forward to the rest of the assessments now.
A.R. - Game Lodge Management
I enrolled in this course after a safari to Tanzania ignited an unexpected passion to know so much more about what I was seeing & experiencing. So this course is taken purely for my own enjoyment. As such, the test grades aren’t really important to me; comprehending what I’m learning is!! And while the format sometimes frustrates me, I do appreciate that it forces me to step outside the box and view things from a different angle.
Field Guiding
Thank you so much for the support, the world need such educators, you have indeed the wildness in your hearts.
Mosele – Game Lodge Management
Informative and educational. Gives a wide variety of info
C.S - Trails Guiding
Thank for the opportunity to do the course. I am involved in anti-poaching OP's and felt that the extra knowledge would be beneficial.
W.T. - Anti-Poaching
Many thanks, Eloise It is such a lovely course! I look forward to doing more courses through Wildlife Campus
Deanne – Game Lodge Management
I really enjoyed doing the course. Thank you
Francois – Field Guiding
Thank you for the great opportunity to be able to acquire knowledge to contribute to saving wildlife
NEBA - Field Guiding
I am inspired to continue with more courses now; I am so happy I found out about WildlifeCampus, best day of my life!!!
Neo Felicia Diale
Thank you very much to you and Jonathan for a great learning experience. This course and the others I have completed thus far through Wildlife Campus will serve to enrich and provide invaluable background to my upcoming travel experience in Africa next year. All the best
George - Field Guiding
I want to express my sincerest appreciation for all your efforts and time. You guys are awesome will definitely spread the word WildlifeCampus. Thank you WildlifeCampus staff.
Jim B – Game Lodge Management
Thank you for everything you have done for me so far, I really would like to meet you in person someday to thank you properly. You have motivated and given me driving force to continue and see what I really love
Natacha Breedt- Field Guiding
Thank you so much for the great service I received from everyone.
Lizi Vorster – Field Guiding
Your courses are very interesting. I am studying on weekends and after work. The courses are really awesome and once I am done with this one will I enrol for the next one. Keep up the great work! I passed my FGASA Level2 with 87%....
W.H. 09/2017 - Field Guiding + Wildlife Management
It’s a pleasure. All is in order an I am stunned by the efficiency and kind service I am receiving. I cannot wait to get started on the course and am happy to be a proud subscriber.
A.d.C. 09/2017 - Subscription
Many thanks and I found the course very interesting and informative.
J.P. 08/2017 - Game Lodge Management Graduate
Thank you very much sir, my certificates have safely arrived, I really like the quality of paper used. I can't wait for my next course!
B.M. 08/2017 - Trails Guide Graduate
Thank you very much for the speedy and professional service.
K.W. 07/2017 - Game Lodge Management Graduate
I'm really enjoying the course so far! Taking my time with it and soaking in all the information. I'm soo glad I found your site! I was studying Wildlife Management in San Diego California before I ended up moving back here to South Africa in 2004.
R.J. 07/2017 - Wildlife Management Student
Thanks so much for your feedback and input. ... PS. I'm really enjoying the course so far.
Z.W. 07/2017 - Game Lodge Management
The course was very informative and I will actually print all modules out to give to the Camp owners I’m working for in Namibia. I’m sure they will appreciate some of the pointers.
C.M. 07/2017 - Game Lodge Management Graduate
Thanks very much for your follow up. I started yesterday with the first course, I am really impressed with the quality.
B.G. 07/2017 - Subscription
I really do appreciate all the effort and patience you have put in throughout the duration of the course.
C.G. 07/2017 - Wildlife Management Course Graduate
Thank you for your kind assistance. It is highly appreciated.
L.A.J 07/2017 - Subscription
Thanks so much! It really is a pleasure dealing with you guys, wish you would rub off on some of the other suppliers out there. Thank you
I.F. 06/2017 - Private Game Reserve Manager offering WildlifeCampus Courses to their staff
Thank you very much for your prompt assistance, it’s always appreciated!
J.d.R 06/2017 - Subscription
Just want to thank you for your help and assistance. You handled it in a very professional manner. Thank you very much.
A.J. 06/2017 - Wildlife Management, Game Lodge Management & Anti-Poaching Student
Many thanks and I will be doing a lot more of your courses.
T.T. 06/2017 - Capture, Care and Management of Wildlife
Thanks so much for your speedy reply. I shall definitely register. Keep up the excellent service.
W.H. 06/2017 - Wildlife Management
Thank you very much, I really appreciate the great and prompt service you and your team have provided me with over the months.
C.F. 06/2017 - Subscription
Ik heb uw game lodge management cursus met veel plezier gedaan! [Dutch] I have thoroughly enjoyed your Game Lodge Management Course
P.H.S 05/2017 - Game Lodge Management Graduate
First off, let me say I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I have done 5 safaris in South Africa so this course was wonderful for me, and I thought the photos included as examples were great.
G.I. 05/2017 - Digital Wildlife Photography Graduate
Thank you so much sir, as a newly graduated Nature guide I really enjoy the courses because some of things here in the courses I haven't covered during my training. I hope to purchase more courses after this one to upgrade my skills and knowledge of guiding.
B.M. 05/2017 - The Big '5', Snakes and Reptiles of the Lowveld, Trails Guiding, Elephants - Facts and Fables and Predator Management on Livestock Farms Graduate
Thank you and what a interesting course it has been. I'm already set to do the Game Lodge Management course.
L.v.R. 03/2017 - Wildlife Management Course Graduate
The Big 5 course was thoroughly enjoyed.
A.P. 02/2017 - Big 5 Course Graduate
Thank you for this opportunity as I greatly enjoyed this course and extended on my knowledge of Problem Animal Management and working together with livestock farmers to protect predators. the course material is very thorough and enjoyed reading through it.
L.L. 02/2017 - Predator Management on Livestock Farms Course Graduate
Dear Wildlife Campus, you exceeded my expectations in each and every aspect of my learning journey ! From first enquiries, through registration, payment, completing the fabulous game ranging course, student support and recieving my certificate. I'll definately be back for other.
Thanks, the course (Field Guiding) was awesome!
Thank you for excellent and friendly service!!
Thank you very much for all the help and excellent service.
Good day Jonathan
Thank you for this opportunity as i greatly enjoyed this course and extended on my knowledge of Problem Animal Management and working together with livestock farmers to protect predators. the course material is very thorough and enjoyed reading through it.
Thank you very much!!!
I enjoyed the course (Game Lodge Management) a lot and thanks for all the quick support with questions!!
Thank you so much for the really interesting courses and amazing service. I admire your quick responses and way with people. I will definitely recommend you in the future and feel like this will enhance my cv and benefit me for all future endeavours.

You are changing lives everyday by educating the public on conserving our wonderful planet and I admire you all for that. It's such an incredible responsibility and you do it with ease. The material really gets that message across.

Thank you so much
I am honestly enjoying the wildlife campus and all the courses it provides. I will definitely study more than just game ranging thanks to your great site.
Thank you so much. You‘ve been wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed the (Game Lodge Management ) course.
Thanks a million. I really enjoyed the (Anti-poaching) course. Found it very thorough, and I learned a lot!
I’m definitely going to be referring back to the (Game Lodge Management) course whenever I need information on procedures!
Was a great course (Field Guiding), Thanks very much! For the discount!
I enjoyed the (Wildlife Management ) course a lot and i am definitely going to apply for a few other courses as well.
I enjoyed the (Game Ranging) course thoroughly and I know it will inspire me to further my knowledge of nature.
Thank you, I did find it an interesting and worthwhile course (Intensive Wildlife Production), especially in correlation with the Wildlife Management course I have already completed and the Game Rangers course I have recently started.
Thank you so much for prompt and wonderful service. This has been one of the most enjoyable courses (Game Lodge Management) I have enrolled for!
I really appreciate all your assistance! Awesome as always!!
It was a very interesting course (Anti-Poaching) and I look forward to doing a few more in the near future.
Gosh u made my day now. Thank you so much for all your help, excellent service. I will gladly recommend WildlifeCampus to anybody interested in this field. Geez!
Thank you. I am happy to advice my friends to start studying with your Campus. You are fast, responding and reliable.
Thank you very much – I really enjoyed this (Game Lodge Management) course.
will definitely complete more of your courses in the future.
I will definitely recommend you to anyone who is interested in perusing studies in the field covered by WildlifeCampus
Greetings from India!
I appreciate your valuable support. I am also thankful to you for your kind time extend for the same.
With Warm regards
Thanks so much, so nice that your team is so helpful.
Thank you so much for a great (Field Guiding) course that I really enjoyed!
Amazingly well constructed, informative and entertaining; a truly remarkable online learning environment; well done Wildlifecampus!
Just a word of thanks for your speedy response and prompt service.We’ve received all the course material, now it is for study, study, study!
I will recommend your services to everybody, you’re great!!
Thank you so much. I must say that I am deeply impressed by the service I have received and the quality of the course material from WildlifeCampus. I will be strongly recommending your courses to my peers.
Thank you for brilliant service :) I enjoyed studying with you guys from start to finish.
Thank you so much. I am very grateful with the opportunity you gave me and what I have studied is helping me on my job . Thank you guys and the whole team you offer good education to me.
You guys are really one in a million when it comes to going the extra mile :) Will definitely in the near future do a few more of your courses! They are really fun and gives one the broad picture of what a game farm is all about.
The course was very nice and easy to do in my own time, whenever and wherever. That is exactly what I was looking for as it is not always easy to get time off from work to be in a classroom.
Thank you for your nice courses.
I have never been so excited to study in my life. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Game Lodge Management course. Thank you very much.
Thanks for the perfect service!
Thank you so much for everything, the professionalism you gave me and all the prompt response to all my emails, really appreciated it. I most definitely will be doing another course with you guys
I’m very impressed with your standard of service. Thank you
Dear WildlifeCampus
Thank you so much for the course and the marked assignments. I am a very happy person as I am today and proud for being a part of the Wildlife Campus graduates, it is indeed a dream come true.
I can never thank you enough.
Kindest regards
Without WildlifeCampus life will be tough for us bush workers but it's quite easy with wildlife e···learning,
Many thanks,
Thanks in advance. I will now be going to get practical experience and having said that i would like to thank you for your support and prompt service and excellent feedback. Your skills and competence in today’s South Africa is a rare commodity.
Thanks for everything you have done for me. I remain registered and will continue to visit Wildlife Campus site for any further courses or updates.
Thank you for the course (Game Lodge Management), I will definitely be recommending Wildlifecampus.
Thanks again Eloise and WildlifeCampus, you've been so helpful and the service has been exemplary, we are super impressed.
Best regards
Edward and Abby
Thank you for the wonderful course (Marine Field Guiding). I really enjoyed learning more about the marine environment.
Thank you very much for the opportunity to do the Game Lodge Management Course, it was both fun and interesting! I will certainly be looking at further courses once again!
Thank you very much! Regards,
Thank you I have enjoyed this course (Field Guiding / Game Ranging) very much and was sad when I finished it!!!
I will definitely recommend this to everyone.
Thanks so much!
Most fantastic service I’ve experienced with regards to correspondence studying.
Keep it up :)
Thank you so much for your help and the amazing service I appreciate it so much. I have my (Wildlife Management) books :-)
I found this module (Principles of Wildlife Management) informative. Completing the test in monkey puzzle form was rather fun.
Thank you once again for great courses.
Kind regards
Thanks for your professional service, in this day and age it is very refreshing to deal with Companies that really care.

Also, your virtual Campus and associated services are of a highly efficient and professional level. Keep up the good work.
I am so happy with what I`ve learnt with Wild life Campus it is a great help with what I am doing. Thank you so much.
I’m very grateful to be a WildlifeCampus student. I’m very happy with your service. Your courses are both easy to access and affordable. Looking forward to do offline studying soon.
Thanks so very much for your Excellent Service
Best Regards
Hi WildlifeCampus
Thank you for your wishes. I must admit that I was quite sad when it came to an end. I’ll certainly consider other courses.
Dear WildlifeCampus
Thank you so much for all the information, I really enjoyed my course and would like to continue studying with WildlifeCampus. I have not only learnt a lot but grown as a “trainee assistant” lodge manager and all the credit goes to you.. I hope to register for another course soon.
Kind regards
Firstly i would like to thank you for achieving this qualification (Wildlife Management) with your campus and i think it will enhance my CV and help me in future.
Thank you very much for creating this amazing site for us !!!
That's fabulous course (Wildlife Management) and I'm really enjoyable doing it online, thank you.
Thanks WildlifeCampus. I really enjoy these studies and I am very much impressed with the contents of the study material. Great learning curve for me!
I really enjoyed this course (Online Field Guiding) and look forward to the next one. Thanks again.
Great thanks for the brilliant service, best I’ve ever had.
I also just want to thank you all at Wildlife Campus for making this so affordable - I have had SO much stress this year trying to find the right course for my daughter to do that she will enjoy, that will give her the opportunity to actually gain employment and that I can afford!!! You've managed to do all of the above :-)
Thanks for offering such a wonderful course. I will have completed my Game Ranging course in the next few days.
Hey the elephant module was Interesting i learned alot and i Never knew elephants are so amazing. I'm excited to see what's my next module about
I will start off by thanking you, WildlifeCampus tests are like a drug I just can’t stop. All the test are going well and enjoying them. Thanks for everything
Never enjoyed studying more since I joined Wildlife Campus!!!
Hi i'm very previlliged to study with you wildlife management and anti-pouching the course was very exciting and i enjoyed
Thank YOU guys for your inputs with quality study material, assignments and back-up support!
Looking forward to a successful year for these young nature enthusiasts!
Unigrad Lowveld Campus
Thanks so very much. I have thoroughly enjoyed this (field guiding )course so far and learned a lot.
Thank you, I am enjoying the Wildlife Management Course immensely!
Thank you very much for your message and support. I managed to download the pdf files without any problem, and will soon start the learning…
Kind regards,
Hi WildlifeCampus
Just to let you know that all my paperwork arrived safely. Amazing service, I can’t believe how fast it got here!
Steve Woods (UK)
I just want to thank you for the quick work, and also the whole Wildlife Campus team on their speedy replies. Keep up the amazing work.
All the best
The courses are well done and the material very educational even for a professional of the area, actually, especially for a professional of the area.

Thank you for the prompt delivery of the certificates, they have arrived.
Best regards,
Thank you for putting such an excellent course (Game Lodge Management ) online, we did enjoy it and learned a lot.
Andre and Estie van Rensburg
I most definitely am considering doing more courses with Wildlife Campus!
Kind Regards,
The course (Game Lodge Management) was useful and enjoyable, thank you!
Pravir Patel
Thank you very much for your swift reply and for enlightening me on a few things. Has really deepened my understanding! The online tuition is a great feature of the course!
Have a good week and until soon.
I would like to thank you for all you have done for me, all the trouble and the advice.
It was nice working with you on this experience!!
I wish you all the best and hopefully if I study again, that we can work together again!!
Thank you WildlifeCampus (Eloise). You've been helpful and I appreciate your friendly disposition something you don't find often these days. I've downloaded two Modules and I'm licking my lips at the prospect of getting started. Again thank you and God bless.
Thank you for a course (Game Lodge Management) well written and presented, it’s a pleasure to work with WildlifeCampus. Many thanks
“Many many thanks for the Anti-Poaching Course”
I will sign up for the next one asap,
Thanks you so much
Hi WildlifeCampus,
Thank you, I am very impressed with the service and professionalism I have received from yourself and WildlifeCampus (Game Lodge Management).
Thanking You,
The course (Wildlife Management) was great!
Just want to say thank you for marking my (Game Lodge Management) assignments so fast!! I had great fun in doing them and learned quite a lot. Thank you so very much for a great experience.
Thus far it has been great learning (Game Lodge Management Offline). Words cannot describe my gratitude towards everything.
Hi there. I would just like to thank you for the great site and courses offered. I had been searching for correspondence wildlife courses for some time and really thankful to have found Wildlife campus!

Thanx for all the free content to get started!

Dear Wildlifecampus Team

Thank you so much and the course that you are running will take us to the next level in future and you are doing a fantastic job to all your students. I have also changed my life and l can see the world different from any other people through protecting our nature and l have gained a lot in the course and l have something to share with my friends and families.

Kind Regards

I found the course (Offline Wildlife management) interesting and sometimes challenging.
Thank you
I really enjoyed the Course (Game Lodge Management) and thank you so much for creating it and offering that to me. I am looking forward to my Certificate and also planning to do the Wildlife Management Course soon.
Thank you for making it possible to do such good courses online, it was the tests that was most valuable to me as most questions tested applied knowledge.
Yes, I really enjoyed the Marine Guiding Course - plenty of interesting facts and information.
Thank you, I really enjoyed the course (Game Lodge Management) and learned a lot!
Let me commend you for your swift response to my email, thanks for your assistance and encouragement, you have no idea how much you have helped to get me back on track again. I recommended Wildlife campus course to a friend of mine here in UK he wants to do the Lodge management course and return to SA.

It's great to get such good help despite us being so far apart, thanks once again.

I have written 11 tests for Game lodge Management and I have really learned a lot, and I have enjoyed every minute of the reading and doing the tests. The format of both are outstanding, which makes it easy to follow.
I enjoyed the course (Game lodge Management )and I learnt a lot . The mistakes I made taught me even more, the module format made it easy to follow. I cannot wait to start the next course
Thank you for my marked assignment. The wildlife management course was enjoyable. A lot more "equational" than expected and definitely requires a lot of time and understanding. I am definitely going to do the behaviour guide to carnivores and later on the herbivores.
Thanks for the courseware (Field Guiding), great service you provide!
Many thanks
The course (Game Lodge Management) was enjoyable and interesting.
Wow! Thanks for your really quick reply. I did find the course very interesting, detailed enough to be useful but not overwhelming. So I may consider doing another one with that 15% discount! I live in the UK, so really pleased that you'll still be able to send me the certificate
Thank you. I enjoyed it (Field Guiding) very much. I will most definitely make use of the offer to do some of the other courses.
All is in order, i find your courses very educative and interesting. The information is practical and very well laid out. Thank you.
Great course (Big "5") well done you guys on a great format. regards
Thank you for all your help and understanding! It is truly a pleasure to work with you : , and I really enjoy studying through you guys, I am really excited about everything I am going to do.
Thank you for your earlier feedback. It is always good to have an idea of where someone else is coming from.

I enjoyed your course (Game Lodge Management) and the information was well set out and easy to complete.

Todd Kaplan provides an excellent e-learning programme for his students, whether they are hoping to find future work in the Wildlife Industry or whether they are simply taking his courses out of a desire to learn more about the environment and the animal which inhabit it.

His courses, although aimed at the African environment and animals, are useful for anyone wishing to to work, or study, environments and animal behaviours anywhere in the world.

The extra support that Todd gives to his students is superb, with email questions and requests for further information being replied to very promptly - often with some humour!"

You guys are seriously efficient! I've barely completed the last module of the Guides Guide to Guiding Course Edition and this email arrives a few minutes later. Amazing. Thank you.

Look, as a guide that's just starting out in the industry, I loved the course. I'm not African but I loved the fact that this course almost 'adopted' me into the family. I felt honoured and privileged to have been treated like a local.

The information was VERY useful and I learned an awful lot. The behaviour, etiquette and behind-the-scenes info was fantastic. The anecdotes provided great context.

I started doing it barely 24 hours ago and knocked it off so quickly because it was like reading a book that you can't put down. My compliments to Garth for putting together such an honest and down-to-earth course. I loved it.

Overall, tremendous asset in your portfolio.
Firstly thank you, I found the course very interesting and useful. I am currently on the board at Mathlathini Game Reserve as veld director. I am now in a much more informed position to make a useful contribution on the reserve.
I'm sure as time allows I will be doing a few more courses.
Thanks was quite enjoyable (Game Lodge Management) , started with wildlife management, and game lodge management certainly a lot easier, but still good course, covers everything that is needed to be known.
I enjoyed the course (Elephant facts & Fables) very much and would love the get the certificate. I would also like to enter some of the other courses.
I quite enjoyed it (The Guides Guide to Guiding), thanks. I'm sure it is of huge benefit to those who are not familiar with customer service.
Thank you, I enjoyed every moment of the course (Digital Wildlife Photography)
Yes I found it (Field Guiding) very interesting and helpful for my daily work as a tour guide / field guide / facilitator in South Africa / Botswana / Zimbabwe and Namibia.
I will definitely stay in touch with wildlife campus.
Many thanks, I really enjoyed this (Game Lodge Management) course and as per our telephonic conversation I will definitely be doing the Game Ranch Economics and a few other courses. Thank you for the discount, much appreciated.
Thank you for a great course (Field Guiding), I have enjoyed it and would like to take other courses in the near future
Great news on the certificates!! Thank you so much.. It was a very informative course and made a great deal of sense. The (Offline Game Lodge Management & Economics) economics bit was difficult to chew through at first but it became more clear toward its end. Thanks again. This certification will help us in the job search.
Dear WildlifeCampus
Getting back to regular studies is far hardest thing I have always enjoyed in the past, I have enrolled myself for online Game Lodge Management course with Wildlife campus. one thing about this course which I was worried about when I enrolled myself is when It's been busy at work so I've had to slow my studies down a bit, when trying to study you find you have to get some sort of routine but it's been fantastic, it was much easier to study and focus on PC, the turnaround of my marking and the quality of the feedback is great.

I think I'm in a better position now I have built some new skills and experience, I have had to learn new ways of learning, and memorizing information, I found this is very similar to any form of training, what admires me on this program is mode of study and duration of course, Iam still target to study more courses from Wildlife campus.
Thanks to Tod and the team.
Kind Regards,

I am back from Africa and the practical was great. Thanks to the theoretical preparation through Wildlifecampus it was a success and now I have my L1 FGASA.
Thank you for the course (Game Lodge Management) it was most informative. And thank you for your brilliant service.
Kind regards
Really did find it helpful (Field Guiding) and will definitively do a few more!
Thank you very much for the mail received. I have found this course (Game Lodge Management) very beneficial to myself and the benefit of the Safari camp. I will be looking into more of the Wildlife Campus courses in the near future and will contact you once I am ready. Thank you very much for allowing me to do this course with you.
Thank u! Great course (Game Lodge Management) .
Kind regards.
Thank you for such an amazing course, I enjoyed it very much and will definitely consider other courses with time.
Thank you very much, I really enjoyed the course and found it quite helpful, and will keep in mind the other courses on offer.
Thank you,the course was good I enjoyed it and have learnt a lot
I will look at some more courses, your site is very well constructed and great to work with,
Kind regards ,
Thanks. I really enjoyed the course (Game Lodge Management) and will definitely recommend it to more people!!
Thank you for the course it was loads of fun and very interesting.
Thank you so much for your help! It was greatly appreciated! And I am loving the format of these courses and assessments, the best way to learn! Thanks again.
Thank you very much to Wildlife Campus for allowing me the opportunity to future myself by doing the Game Lodge Management course. I have found it very useful and educational.
We enjoyed the course (Game Lodge Management), and chances are good that we will enrol to do a few more. Thanks for the discount and recommendations, I will have a look at them in due course
Keep well and best regards
The course (Offline Wildlife Management) was really interesting and I learned a lot.
Thanx a lot
Thank you. I received my certificates this morning. All in order.
Thank you very much the course (Digital Wildlife Photography ) that you run it is brilliant, keep up the good work, many thanks to the team and management.
Kind regards
Thanks so much . We found this course (Game Lodge Management) very interesting , enjoyable and useful. Once all is in order we would like to do the wildlife management course.
Thanks for everything. So thrilled. Thanks very much.
Thank you so much Todd.I did enjo the course.Learnt a lot of new things Looking forward to impliment them in my new job
Thank you for the results. I will admit that going through the material was great and also doing self-study on the internet,

I am now looking to do another one

I really enjoyed the course (Game Ranging / Field Guiding) and I'm looking forward to the next!
I just wanted to say thank you very much for the speedy delivery of the offline course material - it arrived today and I can't wait to get stuck in. Cheers!! Also, season's greetings the whole team@WildlifeCampus. It's been absolutely great working with you and having all those info at your fingertips (or only a mouse click away as it were). Best wishes
Yes, I did enjoy the course (Mountain Guiding) very much and found it well compiled and very informative. I would like to redeem the course certificate
I will be doing the Trail Guide course next. I would also like to do the Tracks course as well as the Navigation course but will be starting with the Trail Guide definitely, in the next week or two
I have really enjoyed this course (game Lodge Management) and hope that it will benefit me greatly in my career path, Currently assistant manager at a game lodge in the lowveld and hope this will provide another step closer to General Game lodge management.
Kind Regards & many thanks
The course was great, very useful and its so straightforward to navigate and follow the content in bitesized pieces. You have a really efficient website! I only wish my university professors had been as efficient with their marking!
Thanks, have been doing Anti-Poaching now for 32 years and found your course very interesting and def good for beginners in the field.
Yes I did enjoy the Course on spiders, well put together.
Thank you. Was a very interesting course (Game Lodge Management Course)!
The course was awesome and would def do some more courses. I recently bought the newest edition of J du P Bothma's Game Ranch Management. Comparing the topics truly demonstrate that Wildlife Campus WL management course cover an appropriate range of topics.
I appreciate the very efficient way of purchasing from Wildlife Campus as well as the excellent content of your courses. They help me get on with my guiding and expand my knowledge base
As for the Digital Wildlife Photography course, it is exactly what I was looking for. I have stacks of wildlife shots going back 6 or 7 years so I started with the post processing section and instantly saw a massive improvement. From there I did the rest of the course and couldn't wait to put into practice what I was learning.

I have learned so much from the course and the results are paying off tremendously!

It's been a very interesting subject (Game Lodge management & Economics) and look forward to your other subjects.
Thanks so much, I loved the course (Offline Field Guiding) - very interesting.
Thank you for an interesting and well prepared course.
I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks! Will be doing some of the other courses online over the weekend,
I truly made some good progress on the Wildlife Management Course. It is immensely enjoyable, well displayed, systematically conducted and for an online course well enriched with applicable topics.
Thank you for this marvelous opportunity.
Thank you so much for all your help, you have been wonderful with answering my questions all the time, I really appreciate it.
Iam very happy to be a wildlifecampus student your course manuls are very interactive and easy to study I will therefore not hasitate to recommend you to every conservater here in zambia esp my work mates good day
Martin S.
I just want to thank you for your prompt response.
I have already purchased you wildlife management course and im thoroughly enjoying it. Im looking forward to completing it because then I will be purchasing your Game ranging course and hopefully many more thereafter.
Yours sincerely
Just for the record, I think the Survival course is great, there is a lot of valuable information in it. Oh, I love the sense of humor in which it has been written
I enjoyed the course (Human-Wildlife) immensely and found it very interesting.
It would be nice if you could issue me the full course now, see to it that I can't wait to start this course! Very excited to do this one!!!
I would really appreciate it!!
And thanks for the great service. . .Wildlife Campus definitely is the BEST!!!!
thank you Todd, wow what fantastic service :)
Thanks, and loving the course and courses. I appreciate setting this site up so that we worker bees can get to do our passion part time.
Course was great. Very Informative.
Thanks Todd,
Enjoying all the information provided.
Thanks it has been a very useful course and I have learnt a lot.
Excellent course (Game Lodge Management) very easy to get to grips with.
Yes, I really enjoyed the Field Guiding Course & will definitely be completing other courses as well.
I certainly enjoyed the course (Game Lodge management). I will consider taking the recommended (additional) courses.
Thank you again for your help through this course.
Yes, it was interesting and helpful for me and I will look up your offers and might go for one more course.
For sure I will recommend Wildlife Campus as I think it gives you the opportunity to advance your already existing knowledge.
All the very best
Thank you for sorting it all out for me. This is some of the best service I have ever received, much appreciated.
I look forward to doing some of the course you offer knowing that I have such good suport from you guys.
Ivan A
I found the course (Wildlife management) REALLY interesting and enjoyed studying a lot. Hopefully it will also turn out useful some day.
I'll definitely want to further increase my knowledge but haven't decided on the next course yet.
Marianne B
Thank you very much, the course was very interesting and educational.
We will definitely enroll for more courses. My wife is interested in the Game Ranch Economics and i want to complete the FGASA 1 course.
D Botha
Thank you so much for an amazing course.
Kind regards,
Stephen S
Thank you, I really enjoyed the Game Ranging Course and have already recommended it to some of my friends.
Thank you for the email, it was a great course.
Antony M
I'd like also to thank you, I really enjoyed the course and I learned a lot from it.
Dear WildlifeCampus,
I have received the package and thank you very much for such a fast supply of my offline course material.
Good afternoon Sir.
I did received manual & workbook today... I'd like to say thanks for speedy services and co-operation shown to me.
Kind regards
I scanned through the course material and I'm very impressed. I am thinking of getting all of our staff to do the courses
Thank you very much. Im impressed with the quick service. I look forward to doing your wildlife management course. I would love to do the tour guide or game ranger course at a later stage as well.
Just a quick word of thanks for this lovely info
I am almost done with youre course on marine guiding..
I personally would like to thank you for the experience and information that I have gained.
I've thoroughly enjoyed doing this course (and almost sorry it's done), and I hope having completed it will assist my endeavours to be employed at a Game Lodge sometime in the not too distant future!
Many thanks
Thank you very much, it was a great course and very enjoyable, had a couple of giggles as most of the scenarios you create are so true!
Thank you very much, I will definitely have a look at a few of the other courses.
I can't tell you how much I like your website and the whole idea of purchasing relevant course material over the internet, let alone being able to choose from such a variety of interesting topics - only a click away.
I will continue recommending WildlifeCampus to friends and colleagues who will undoubtedly benefit from enrolling as well.
Have a pleasant week and until later,
Thank you so much I really appreciate the speed that this done with. I look forward to getting started.
I would like to make use of this opportunity to thank you for a great service and will definitely make use of this service in the near future.
I am once again super impressed with your sharp response to my query.
I am really interested and excited to get access to all your courses!!
Thanx for all your assistance, it is much appreciated! Regards,
Thank you, I loved doing the course
I thought it was a great course at when I have time again I'm sure I will do some more of the courses.
Thank you so much for your help,
The course was informative and I hope will be a valuable addition to the experience I have gained over the last year. I will certainly look into the other courses,
Many thanks
Its my honour to thank you guys for the wonderful job you are doing to us,i never knew you have a page with employment providers,that automaticaly shows that you care up to the finishing line of us getting jobs.
Let me forward my grattitude to the WildlifeCampus team they are such a caring and supportive group and have been replyng my mails and giving helpfull advices as fast as lightning.
Thank you guys
Many thanks for the excellent course material, user friendly website layout and quick service.
Thanks for the brilliant courses; damn some of it is hard i the one on honey badgers and the one on gorillas have really been a challenge
It has been a very good lesson It suits my nature of Job. Thanks
I recieved my certificate two days ago!!! Thank you so much!! I know you are running quite a big organisation with alot of students, but i just want you to know that you've made a difference in one life for sure, i feel like i have achieved something and that i'm a step closer to my dream of working in the bush. In this day and age, people need to be made aware of the beauty of our land and the creatures in it, and of course the fragility of it all and the need to protects it. I think what your company is doing is helping with that, making it possible for those who aren't the best off financialy to learn more about the environment. Hopefully one day i can make a difference too!! Thanks again and i look forward to more courses with you.
Thanks WildlifeCampus,
Excellent service
Thank you i did enjoy the course very much, i am looking at other courses early in next year.
Thank you very much for a great service!
I'm just loving the courses and I'm ecstatic that you and your team made this possible for us.
Been absolutely great. The person who set up the survival lecture has a good sense of humour!
I loved this course, and can't wait to put it into practice! I am sure a will be studying a few more courses through Wildlife Campus :-)
Amazing course, I really enjoyed it and learned so much.
My plan is to return to South Africa with my family and work in the wildlife/safari /tourist industry and create a new and challenging life for us
Thank you. Yes indeed, I found "Human - Wildlife Conflicts" course, equally interesting and enjoyable.
My wife completed the course and I went through her material with her and decided to take a crack at the test!! Between what I learnt when she was doing it and 10 years experience I was pretty chuffed with my scores.
Many Thanks an informative course and I will look to add a few to my name.
I am very proud having succeeded and completed this course, even more as I live in Europe and my mother tongue is German... I definitely will do other courses, this after my holidays in October.
The course was a good way for me to put my practical experience to test. I have done a few other courses through wildlife campus too.
The course was Fun and Interesting!
am thoroughly enjoying the challenge of the obscure questions and got the hang of it pretty quickly. Thanks again - you have made me feel much happier! You are doing a great job and I have already recommended WC to my friends.
Enjoyed the material
thank you very much for the support that you always gave throughout the study,i would like to do another course in the starting next month.
Many thanks, as a current manager of a Lodge I found the course most useful and will definitely look at doing further courses in the future.
Thanks for the free course, it is most enjoyable.
Firstly I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere thanks for the wonderful courses you offer, you have truly opened up a world of opportunity through the learning platform you have created.
Thank you guys for a great site, purchased one of your courses and am thoroughly enjoying it
It was a very interesting and enjoyable course
Thanks ever so much, I LOVED the course, it was interesting and I have learned a lot. I will be able to take my file with all my extra notes and all the course info with me wherever I may go in life.
Just wanted to say that I have really enjoyed doing this course and all the tests! It was a brilliant learning experience especially the second question of the rhino test, that taught me to read the questions properly!!! Thanks again!
Hi Todd, i just wanted to thank you for the courses, i have been wanting to study game ranging since i was a child, and now i am along with a few of your other courses which i am interested in. I am really enjoying it, and feel a new purpose! I have a friend who runs safaris in Botswana and i am going up there someime to learn a bit of the practical side of things while i study the literature. Anyway just wanted to thank you, your campus is truly appreciated! Have a great day!
Thanks, yes it was interesting. For someone that does not work in the industry it opens a lot of windows and gives some insight into the goings on at a Game lodge.
Thank you very much for always responding quickly to my mails and I will most certainly consider the other courses that you have mentioned. I look forward to receiving my certificate.
I have just completed this course and it was very informative
Thank you for the opportunity to improve myself.
I certainly enjoyed the course and will soon consider what next to do
Thank you so much. I found it very interesting and informative, thank you
Thanks I am looking forward to the wildlife economics courses
I can not thank you enough for doing this so speedy for me!
We are truly greatful and tomorrow we can submit our work permimt application.
We would love to do the other courses with you,
Thanks for your email - it's such a great feeling to have finished the course prior to my impending visit to South Africa!
I really enjoyed the course, and will look into the other courses on offer.
Thanks very much for your email and thank you for all your help throughout the course, answering my questions and helping with information. I enjoyed the course very much and have learned a lot more than I relaised would be involved. So thanks again to you and everyone at Wildlife Campus.
Thank you very much. I enjoyed doing the course and have learned a considerable amount. Well done for setting it up.
Thank you soooooooooo much!
I really appreciate the trouble you took
Thanks again for the help you gave yesterday. I will let you know which of the other courses I will start soon!
You are absolutely fantastic thank you so much, will send my CV through to these organisations.
Thank you so much - much appreciated - will have a read and contact you to register.
Thanks for coming back to me. The scanned copy of the certificate was super.
Thank you so much for your response and help, it is much appreciated.
I would like to start with a word of appreciation for your help with my studies, I'm looking forward to working with you through the courses, and hoping that wildlifecampus will assist in shaping up my career in the Hospitality industry...! Many thanks
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