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Free Courses:

Upon registration as an ONLINE (Web-based) student, you'll immediately be assigned the following FREE courses to your “My courses” page:

  • African Folklore by Credo Mutwa
  • Astronomy
  • Birding by Habitat: Beginner, Enthusiast, Expert
  • Cultural Astronomy - Beliefs and Customs
  • Discovering Wilderness Safaris
  • Elephants - Facts and Fables
  • Hunting: A Balanced Perspective
  • Mountain Guiding
  • Predator Management on Livestock Farms
  • The Big '5'

These Courses are FREE for all students. However, if required, a certificate may be redeemed at a cost of R 250 each.

Upon graduation, we will automatically contact you with the option to redeem a certificate or not. No need to email us to let us know you are done.

Free Components:

Upon registration as an ONLINE (Web-based) student, you'll immediately be assigned FREE components to your “My courses” page, one from each of the courses on offer. You are welcome to complete as many of these Free Components as you’d like.

The objective of the Free Components is to allow students to try our all the various ONLINE (Web-based) courses available. No certificates are issued for completing Free Components.

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