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1. Game Ranging (Field Guiding) Elephant
2. Wildlife Management Game Capture Part # 1
3. Game Lodge Management Intro/Philosophy of Game Lodge Management
4. Anti-Poaching What, Who and Why
5. Animal Tracks and Signs of Africa Other Signs of Past Presence
6. Behaviour Guide to African Carnivores Cheetah
7. Behaviour Guide to African Herbivores Impala
8. Behaviour Guide to African Primates Gorilla - Western Lowland
9. Behaviour Guide to Mammals of the RSA Lowveld Ratel or Honey Badger
10. Capture, Care and Management of Wildlife Large Antelope and Zebra
11. Digital Wildlife Photography Wildlife Specialisation
12. FGASA Exam Preparation Course Mammal Questions
13. Game Guard Management Introduction to Game Guard Management
14. Game Ranch Economics Upfront Cost of Game Ranching
15. Geology, Palaeontology and Evolution Introduction to Earth and Life
16. Guides Guide to Guiding Course Introduction to Guiding
17. Human - Wildlife Conflicts Wildlife Conflict Resolution
18. Intensive Wildlife Production Elephant
19. Marine Biology for Guides, Divers and Enthusiasts Marine Reptiles and Birds
20. Snakes and Reptiles of the Lowveld Cobras and Mambas
21. Survival Introduction to Land Survival
22. Trails Guide The Comfort Zone Concept and Man-Eaters
23. Wilderness Navigation Introduction to Navigation Anyplace Wild
24. Cultural Guiding - Eastern Cape Eastern Cape Province Overview
25. Cultural Guiding - Free State Provincial Overview
26. Cultural Guiding - Gauteng Gauteng Province Overview
27. Cultural Guiding - KwaZulu-Natal General introduction to the Province
28. Cultural Guiding - Limpopo Limpopo Province Overview
29. Cultural Guiding - Mpumalanga Mpumalanga Province Overview
30. Cultural Guiding - North West General Overview of North West
31. Cultural Guiding - Northern Cape Province Overview
32. Cultural Guiding - Western Cape Western Cape Province Overview

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