Full Course Curriculum

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Course Modules Components
Human - Wildlife Conflicts
R 700.00
Introduction to Human - Wildlife Conflicts
R 150.00
Wildlife Conflict Resolution
R 150.00
  Non- Lethal Methodology
R 150.00
Physical and Chemical Deterrents
R 150.00
  Capture and Translocation
R 750.00
Physical Capture
R 150.00
    Hippo Traps
R 150.00
    Crocodile Traps
R 150.00
    Chemical Capture
R 150.00
    Mass Capture of Redbilled Quelea
R 150.00
  Lethal Methodology
R 300.00
Attractants and Conventional Hunting
R 150.00
    Traps, Set Guns and Poisons
R 150.00
  The Behaviour of Problem Animals
R 450.00
The Behaviour of Problem Herbivores
R 150.00
    Behaviour of Problem Carnivores
R 150.00
    Behaviour of Problem Primates
R 150.00

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