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Snakes and Reptiles of the Lowveld Course
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The course's modules
Reptilia (The Reptiles) Reptilia (The Reptiles) This Module provides an introduction to reptiles in general and Southern African reptiles in particular.
Chelonia (Shield Reptiles) Chelonia (Shield Reptiles) Three Components comprise our examination of the shield reptiles, commonly known as the tortoises and terrapins. We begin with an introduction to the group and follow with two Components inspecting these animals at the species level. Since we restrict this course to those endemic to the Lowveld region, we discuss six tortoise species and four terrapin species.
Crocodiles, Monitor Lizards and Chameleons Crocodiles, Monitor Lizards and Chameleons This Component takes a 17 page look at the larger reptiles. We explore an Introduction to Crocodiles, the Nile Crocodile, Monitor Lizards, the Nile Monitor, the Rock Monitor, Chameleons in general, the Flap-neck Chameleon and the Transvaal Dwarf Chameleon.
Serpentes (The Snakes) Serpentes (The Snakes) This is the main Module of the Course. 10 Components that closely explore all the snake families before delving into 68 species accounts representing the snake biodiversity of the Highveld and Lowveld regions of South Africa.
First Aid for Snake Bite First Aid for Snake Bite Borrowed from the Game Ranging Course, this Component provides a concise and rational approach to the diagnosis, treatment and patient management of a snake-bite victim. It deals with assessing if a person has been bitten, assessing if envenomation has occurred, basic life support, general support and evacuation. The different venom types, their symptoms, effects and snake species responsible.  Universal Currency Converter
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