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Digital Wildlife Photography Course
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The course's modules
Preparation Preparation The Components included in the Preparatory Module include: Wildlife as a photographic specialisation; What this course will teach you; Equipment Considerations; Preparing yourself for the field and shooting raw; Essential elements of a good photograph and Some important theory - dynamic range and histograms.
Lighting for Wildlife Photography Lighting for Wildlife Photography This Module examines the various lighting techniques commonly used and mis-used in Wildlife Photography. We explore: Front Lighting, Back Lighting Side and Subdued Lighting concluding with Artificial Lighting.
From Average to Exceptional Wildlife Photography From Average to Exceptional Wildlife Photography This Module takes a look at: What the Camera Sees; Anticipating your Subject and Macro Photography.
Processing your Images Processing your Images The final Module of the course explores what to do now that your photographs have been taken. We examine Digital Workflow, Post-Processing Equipment and the actual Post-Processing of your imagery.
Make the Quantam Leap Make the Quantam Leap We conclude the course with a concise Component with Five Tips to dramatically improve your photographs: Tip 1: Point your shadow at the Animal, Tip 2: Watch your surroundings, Tip 3: Watch your Subject's Eye, Tip 4: Watch Your Angle Of Viewing and Tip 5: Watch for a Good Pose

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