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Anti-Poaching Course
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The course's modules
Introduction to Anti-Poaching Introduction to Anti-Poaching Welcome to the WildlifeCampus Anti-Poaching Course! This is the best preparation you can undertake to begin a career as part of an Anti-Poaching Unit. You can also take this course to simply learn more about the aspects of poaching, as well as how you can get involved to try help stop it. This introductory module covers the basics: Who is the poacher? What are they poaching and why?
The APU (Anti-Poaching Unit) The APU (Anti-Poaching Unit) This very insightful module takes a close look at the Anti-Poaching Unit, how to set one up and the main options in terms of counter-poaching, active and passive prevention.
Poaching Poaching In this module, we discuss the various poaching methods used. We also look into the economics of rhino poaching and why these animals are targeted in poaching crimes.
Anti-Poaching Anti-Poaching In this very important and informative module, we discuss anti-poaching equipment and the various anti-poaching action plans, together with the legalities of anti-poaching.
Anti-Poaching Practical Training Anti-Poaching Practical Training In this module, we highlight Professional Anti-Poaching and Advanced Firearms and Weapons Practical Training Providers.
Plant Poaching Plant Poaching In this module, we learn all about plant poaching. An often overlooked or dismissed aspect of poaching. After all, nothing is actually killed. In reality, this form of poaching, which is practised at the subsistence, commercial and syndicate levels may be as devastating as any other form.
SWAT for the APU SWAT for the APU In the module, we take a detailed look at Special Weapons and Tactics in addition to Advanced Technical Equipment as these subjects pertain to the Anti-Poaching Unit.
Marine Poaching Marine Poaching In this module, we take a detailed look at Marine Poaching in RSA waters. In context, this refers to abalone (perlemoen), rock lobster, mussels and oysters, and pelagic species. These are all poached in their 10's of thousands. We also examine the active and passive countermeasures.
Course Summary Course Summary In this final module, we summarise and highlight the salient topics and subjects covered in the course. We end with a conclusion and a special thanks to all those who made this great course possible.

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