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Game Guard Management Course
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The course's modules
Introduction to Game Guard Management Introduction to Game Guard Management A general Foreword to the Game Guard Management Course.
Game Guard Management Game Guard Management Introduction to Game Guard Management, in addition to the Management and Control of Game Guards are the Component of this Module.
Equipment, Training and Deployment Equipment, Training and Deployment There are two comprehensive Components to this Module; Game Guard Equipment and the Training and Deployment of a game guard unit.
Game Guarding Part # 1 Game Guarding Part # 1 A Guide to Patrolling; Game Guard Legalities and the Human Resource Management of Game Guards constitute the content for Part # 1 of this topic.
Game Guarding Part # 2 Game Guarding Part # 2 First Aid and Survival; Mounted Patrolling, Wildlife, Habitat, Tracks and Signs constitute the content for Part # 2 of this topic.
The Tail-End The Tail-End A thoughtful conclusion to the course.

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