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Front of House Lodge Operations Course
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The course's modules
Introduction to Front Of House Introduction to Front Of House This introductory module will give you a better understanding of the meaning of Front of House. Not only as a job, but all other definitions of the term within the hospitality sector as well. We discuss the various roles of the FOH manager as well as understanding other departments.
Presentation and etiquette Presentation and etiquette In this module, we discuss presentation and etiquette. It is important to remember you will be in front of the guests at all times. Regardless of the star grading or casualness of the property you work at, presentation and hygiene are always going to be very important, no matter where you are employed.
Taking care of guests Taking care of guests In this comprehensive module, we discuss what to do before guests arrive, when they arrive and how to give them the most memorable experiences at your lodge or venue.
General operations and standards General operations and standards This module is not only related to FOH but would be beneficial for every department to know and make note of. Having this general information will help you throughout your career as it is very important, regardless of your position.

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