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Anti-Poaching (Junior) Course
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The course's modules
Introduction Introduction Welcome to the WildlifeCampus Anti-Poaching Junior Course! In this module, we explain poaching and anti-poaching, the different types of poaching and the ways we can help prevent it from happening.
The APU (Anti-Poaching Unit) The APU (Anti-Poaching Unit) In this module, we investigate some of the necessary skills needed to join an APU, as well as some bush skills you can already start practicing. This includes fitness, awareness, dealing with dangerous animals (small and large), map reading and types of communication.
Anti-Poaching Practical Recommendations Anti-Poaching Practical Recommendations In this module, we highlight Professional Anti-Poaching Practical Training Providers.
Poaching Prevention Poaching Prevention In this module, we explore the different ways that poaching can be prevented. This includes day, night and fence patrols, tracking and anti-tracking, tracking with dogs, access control and what signs to look out for when tracking humans or looking for animals.
Snare Poaching Snare Poaching In this module, we investigate snares and snare poaching. We look at what snares are made of, how they are placed and what to look out for when helping clear up snares on a game reserve.
Rhino Poaching Rhino Poaching In this module, we investigate Rhino Poaching. We look at why they are poached and why their horn is considered valuable. This level of poaching is usually at syndicate level, which we also explain in this course.
Elephant Poaching Elephant Poaching In this module, we investigate Elephant Poaching. We ask why elephants are poached and what their ivory is used for. We also highlight some of the ways you can help stop elephant poaching.
Pangolin Poaching Pangolin Poaching In this module, we investigate Pangolin Poaching. These extremely rare and shy creatures are the most trafficked animal in the world. We explain what pangolin poaching entails and why it happens.
Plant Poaching Plant Poaching In this module, we investigate Plant Poaching. We often don't consider plants as something that can be poached, but they too face this reality. We explain what plant poaching is and why it happens.
Marine Poaching Marine Poaching In this module, we investigate Marine Poaching. Some of the most poached animals include abalone, rock lobster and even mussels. We explain what marine poaching is and what effect it has on our environment.

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