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Game Ranging (Field Guiding) Course
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The course's modules
Classification, Taxonomy and Evolution Classification, Taxonomy and Evolution This module introduces the language of science and gives a detailed look at how animals are divided up into their different groups. This allows the student to subsequently deduce the relatedness of different animals, based on their names. The second component outlines the Origin of Life, Evolution and Natural Selection.
Invertebrates Invertebrates This module introduces the student to invertebrates. We learn about spiders, scorpions, insects, ticks, mites, molluscs, millipedes and other small, fascinating creatures found in African ecosystems.
Amphibians Amphibians The amphibia are one of the earliest known groups of vertebrates on earth, with fossil remains dating back to 400 million years ago. In this module, we explore various aspects of the Class of Amphibia.
Reptiles Reptiles In this module, we explore the Class Reptilia. Turtles, terrapins, tortoises, lizards, snakes and crocodiles are examined in four concise components.
Fish Fish This module introduces the enormous subject of Ichthyology. It is included here for the sake of completeness since fish are a very important vertebrate class of animals. A basic look at their general structure, senses, physiology and types found in South Africa makes up the one component in this module.
Birds Birds This module covers aspects of birds including their origins, flight, biology and ecology.
Mammals Mammals Defining a mammal is not an entirely simple process. Some characteristics are unique to the group, some are shared by others. This module contains 20 individual components in which we explore an introduction to mammals and go into detail on some key species.
Ethology Ethology A substantial grounding to the fascinating subject of animal behaviour. The components detail: social organisation, foraging, predatory behaviour, communication, grooming, play, sleeping, territoriality, fighting, submission, dominance, anti-predator behaviour, sexual behaviour and parental care.
Botany Botany An introduction and general overview of plants broadens out into separate components dealing with lower plants, grasses and trees.
Ecology Ecology The structural and functional aspects of ecosystems are examined as are the topics of climate, weather, geomorphology, geology and soil. A look at savanna ecology and ecosystem dynamics rounds off a comprehensive module.
Game Ranging Skills Part # 1 Game Ranging Skills Part # 1 Here we include the exciting topics of anticipating animal behaviour, approaching dangerous game and bush navigation. First aid for snake bite, astronomy and habitat management each get an in-depth look. The module concludes with an enquiry into environmental sensitivity, ecotourism, impact tourism and sustainable tourism.
Game Ranging Skills Part # 2 Game Ranging Skills Part # 2 The final components that conclude the course are specifically aimed at the potential game ranger, but are equally applicable for the potential tourist. You never know when you might need to lend a hand. These components examine, dangerous game rifles, game vehicles and other equipment, game walks and drives, dealing with guests, communication and working in the industry.

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