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Behaviour Guide to African Herbivores Course
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The course's modules
Introduction to Animal Behaviour (Ethology) Introduction to Animal Behaviour (Ethology) This introductory Module covers three fascinating topics, namely Understanding animal behaviour ; Observing African animals, and Social and mating systems.
Introduction to Antelopes and African Ruminants Introduction to Antelopes and African Ruminants This Module introduces the even-toed, ruminating ungulates; antelope and buffalo (family Bovidae), and antelope visual displays. These subjects prepare the way for the separate tribal and species accounts.
Small Antelopes Small Antelopes This Module includes a group introduction and separate species accounts of the small antelopes. They include: blue/Maxwell's and common duiker (tribe Cephalophini), steenbok, Kirk's dik-dik, klipspringer, and oribi (tribe Neotragini).
Medium - sized Antelopes Medium - sized Antelopes This Module provides introductions and separate species accounts of the groups comprised mainly of medium-sized antelopes. They include Thompson's and Grants gazelle, springbok, and gerenuk (tribe Antilopini), the 3 reedbuck species, kob, puku, lechwe, and waterbuck (tribe Reduncini), gray rhebok, and the plentiful impala.
Large Antelopes Large Antelopes This Module includes separate species accounts and tribal introductions of the groups containing the large antelope. They include roan, sable, and gemsbok (tribe Hippotragini); the 3 hartebeest species, topi and tsessebe, blesbok and bontebok, blue and black wildebeest (tribe Alcelaphini); bushbuck, sitatunga, nyala, lesser and greater kudu, bongo and eland (tribe Tragelaphini).
Other Ruminants Other Ruminants This Module includes one Tribal and one Family introduction to the ruminants not covered previously, namely the buffalo/cattle tribe (Bovini) and the okapi, giraffe family (Giraffidae) The module includes separate accounts of the African buffalo and giraffe.
Even-toed Non - Ruminants Even-toed Non - Ruminants This Module includes an introduction to the pigs (family Suidae), with separate species accounts of the bushpig, giant forest hog, and warthog; and an account of the hippopotamus (family Hippopotamidae).
Odd-toed Non - Ruminants Odd-toed Non - Ruminants This Module includes an introduction to the odd-toed non-ruminants (order Perissodactyla); an introduction to the rhinos (family Rhinocerotidae) with separate species accounts of the black and white rhino; an introduction to the zebra/horse family (Equidae), with separate species accounts of Burchell's, Grevy's, and mountain zebra.
Near Ungulates Near Ungulates This Module examines the traits shared by species classified in separate orders and families, namely hyraxes, elephants, and dugongs, and provides separate species accounts of the tree, rock and bush hyraxes, and the African elephant.

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