Student Top 100

for the 'Cultural Guiding - Northern Cape' course
The top 100 list is calculated per course as follows:
1) The student has not graduated this course.
2) The student has completed at least 1 module.
3) The number of modules completed.
4) The average test score obtained for all the modules completed for this course.

Note: The module badge is only displayed if all the components for the module are passed.
Login name Position Badges
AD1Province OverviewCultural OverviewHistorical OverviewNamaqualand
Aresdal2Province Overview
awdhodges3Province Overview
DesireeSchlooz4Province Overview
JBremner5Province Overview
Simonraab6Province Overview
basdeo7Province Overview
BushmanTom8Province Overview
ChaneS9Province Overview
maartin10Province Overview
Quinton010811Province Overview
RubenJ12Province Overview
sheena13Province Overview
Nikita_Lumb14Province Overview
DeonE15Province Overview
Donya16Province Overview
Elguanitia17Province Overview
tviersel18Province Overview
chris06619Province Overview
Dump20Province Overview
Lulu199421Province Overview
DylanGW22Province Overview
Grantale23Province Overview
jessieparke24Province Overview
TimothyL25Province Overview
JeanrichGW26Province Overview
patrick7527Province Overview
RobertdpERP28Province Overview
Suzaan.Esterhuyzen29Province Overview
WALTERNYONI30Province Overview
AngeliquevW31Province Overview
Benito32Province Overview
Blanchie33Province Overview
NadineJacobs34Province Overview
NamaneMoratehi35Province Overview
Sine37Province Overview
Bedneck38Province Overview
JPDP39Province Overview
Leeuwyfie40Province Overview
SophieW41Province Overview
MitchellGW42Province Overview

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