Student Top 100

for the 'Cultural Guiding - Western Cape' course
The top 100 list is calculated per course as follows:
1) The student has not graduated this course.
2) The student has completed at least 1 module.
3) The number of modules completed.
4) The average test score obtained for all the modules completed for this course.

Note: The module badge is only displayed if all the components for the module are passed.
Login name Position Badges
LynetteBoshoff1Province OverviewCultural OverviewNatural featuresWinelands and the BolandGarden RouteKlein KarooCentral KarrooBreede River ValleySwartland and SandveldOlifants River ValleyWest Coast
NathalieErb2Province OverviewCultural OverviewNatural featuresHistorical Overview
JoanitaViviers3Province OverviewCultural OverviewNatural features
Streak254Cultural OverviewNatural featuresOverberg
Aresdal5Province Overview
ChaneS6Province Overview
Quinton01087Province Overview
Simonraab8Province Overview
derekrits9Klein Karoo
BushmanTom10Province Overview
michaelcoert11Province Overview
Suzaan.Esterhuyzen12Province Overview
Lorraine13Province Overview
maartin14Province Overview
pop12315Province Overview
crab4d16Province Overview
DesireeSchlooz17Province Overview
JeanrichGW18Province Overview
patrick7519Province Overview
Sine20Province Overview
basdeo21Province Overview
Lulu199422Province Overview
WALTERNYONI23Province Overview
HalomaRoos24Province Overview
chris06625Province Overview
RubenJ26Province Overview
TimothyL27Province Overview
Blanchie28Province Overview
Dump29Province Overview
DeonE30Province Overview
gabgonse131031Province Overview
Grantale32Province Overview
RobertdpERP33Province Overview
Donya35Province Overview
susanlochner36Province Overview
AngeliquevW37Province Overview
JBremner38Province Overview
Bedneck39Province Overview
Benito40Province Overview
Casparus41Province Overview
MarkPBTI42Province Overview
MitchellGW43Province Overview
NadineJacobs44Province Overview
Elguanitia45Province Overview
JPDP46Province Overview
SophieW47Province Overview

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