Student Top 100

for the 'Intensive Wildlife Production' course
The top 100 list is calculated per course as follows:
1) The student has not graduated this course.
2) The student has completed at least 1 module.
3) The number of modules completed.
4) The average test score obtained for all the modules completed for this course.

Note: The module badge is only displayed if all the components for the module are passed.
Login name Position Badges
hardus@841Large HerbivoresSmall AntelopeCarnivoresBirdsVeterinary
Loryn2Large HerbivoresSmall AntelopeCarnivores
Veronicaf3Large HerbivoresBirds
Jannas4Large HerbivoresLarge Antelope
Africa20165Large Herbivores
Ice13086Large Herbivores
Pieter747Small Antelope
Louisdejager8Large Herbivores
Devane309Large Herbivores

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