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Behaviour Guide to African Carnivores Course
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The course's modules
Introduction to Carnivores Introduction to Carnivores Welcome to the WildlifeCampus Behaviour Guide to Carnivores Course! This module contains just a single, but highly detailed component dealing with the introduction to carnivores.
Genets, civets and mongooses Genets, civets and mongooses After a Family introduction, 10 different species of the Viverridae are examined from the specific species level.
Hyenas and aardwolf Hyenas and aardwolf This module takes an in-depth look at the Family and 4 species that constitute the extant Hyena, detailing the striped, brown and spotted hyena and the enigmatic aardwolf.
Cats Cats This module looks at the Family and 7 species that constitute the resident African Felids, detailing the African wildcat, black-footed cat, serval, caracal, leopard, lion and cheetah.
Foxes, jackals and dogs Foxes, jackals and dogs This module looks at the Family and 5 species that constitute the African Canids, specifically the bat-eared fox, golden jackals, black-backed jackals, side-striped jackals and the African wild dog.
Weasels, otters, zorilla and ratel Weasels, otters, zorilla and ratel This module looks at the Family and 5 species that constitute the mixed group of African weasels, polecats, badgers and otters, specifically the striped weasel, striped polecat, honey badger, spotted-necked and clawless otter.

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