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Game Lodge Management Course
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The course's modules
Introduction to Game Lodge Management Introduction to Game Lodge Management This introductory module consists of a single component. It deals with the basic principles and philosophies of Game Lodge Management.
Guests Guests This module explores the single most essential aspect of lodges - their guests. Without guests, there would be no lodges. The correct treatment of guests in every single facet of their stay is the focus of this component.
Human Resources Human Resources This module is made up of 5 components covering all aspects of human resource management, from the specific perspective of a lodge environment. Among others, topics included are general staff issues, leadership, staff leave, staff duties and responsibilities. A section on disciplinary procedures is also examined.
Administration Administration This module covers the administrative duties and procedures required for the successful running of a lodge or bush camp. While these topics may seem mundane, they are vitally important areas in lodge management and may never be ignored or disregarded. It is often the smallest details that make the most difference.
Equipment, Infrastructure and Maintenance Equipment, Infrastructure and Maintenance This module relates to camp equipment, infrastructure and the maintenance thereof. Too often equipment and infrastructure are neglected resulting in breakdowns and shoddy appearances. This cannot be allowed in well-run lodges. Items covered include radios, vehicles, lodge equipment, maintenance and the minimum standards required.
Safety and Emergency Procedures Safety and Emergency Procedures This module sets the standard for game trail and rifle safety, first aid kits and emergency procedures. The importance of these topics cannot be overstated. Often the true mettle of a lodge is tested during times of crisis. A lodge prepared for these occurrences is one that survives.
Policies and Procedures Policies and Procedures In this module, we explore policies and procedures covering the different units found in most game lodges: Front and Back of House, Admin and Finance, Food and Beverage, IT, Management, Reservations and Housekeeping.

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