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Guides Guide to Guiding Course
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The course's modules
What is Guiding All About? What is Guiding All About? Welcome to our Guide's Guide to Guiding Course! This first module is a comprehensive introduction to the broad and diverse field of Field Guiding. Whether you are an aspiring, practicing or professional guide; this course will remind you of why you chose this career, impart new skills and perspective and will leave you refreshed and motivated to provide guiding experiences on the highest level.
The Guiding Industry The Guiding Industry A close look at the tourism industry, where to begin, what you need to know and how to prepare are the subjects that make up this very comprehensive module consisting of four components. These include Ecotourism, Where to Begin, The Learning Curve and Being Prepared.
The Game Drive The Game Drive The field guide has numerous responsibilities and a long list of job descriptions. However, the principal task of the majority of guides is the game drive. This crucial topic is examined in two parts within this module.
The Bush Walk The Bush Walk When guides are not conducting game drives, their second most common responsibility is the bushwalk. This entails taking a small group of clients walking through what is frequently dangerous game territory. The important topic is covered over a series of three components.
Principles, Etiquette and Medical Matters Principles, Etiquette and Medical Matters Guiding is a multi-faceted activity. This module examines three aspects of the profession that are frequently ignored, but in reality, are as important as the game drive or bush walk. These are the subjects of guiding principles, camp etiquette and sound knowledge of advanced first aid.
Photography and Related Equipment Photography and Related Equipment It is almost guaranteed that 95% of your clients will come with the intention of taking that unforgettable safari photograph or video. It is your job (among many others) to be able to facilitate this. Therefore, you are required to have sound working knowledge of the basics of photography as well as its application to the safari scenario.
Odds, Ends and Feedback Odds, Ends and Feedback This final module covers the subjects of burnout, female guides, freelance and concludes with a comprehensive section of real client feedback examining their experiences and expectations.

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