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Animal Tracks and Signs of Africa
Anti-Poaching (Junior)
Behaviour Guide to African Carnivores
Behaviour Guide to African Herbivores
Behaviour Guide to African Primates
Behaviour Guide to Mammals of the RSA Lowveld
Big 5 Course
Birding by Habitat: Beginner, Enthusiast, Expert
Capture, Care and Management of Wildlife
Cultural Guiding - Eastern Cape
Cultural Guiding - Free State
Cultural Guiding - Gauteng
Cultural Guiding - KwaZulu-Natal
Cultural Guiding - Limpopo
Cultural Guiding - Mpumalanga
Cultural Guiding - North West
Cultural Guiding - Northern Cape
Cultural Guiding - South Africa
Cultural Guiding - Western Cape
Digital Wildlife Photography
FGASA Exam Preparation Practice Questions
Front of House Lodge Operations
Game Guard Management
Game Lodge Management
Game Ranch Economics
Game Ranging (Field Guiding)
Geology, Palaeontology and Evolution
Guides Guide to Guiding
Human - Wildlife Conflicts
Hunting: A Balanced Perspective
Intensive Wildlife Production
Kidís Big '5' Course
Kids Big "5" (Nederlands)
Marine Biology for Guides, Divers and Enthusiasts
Mountain Guiding
Predator Management on Livestock Farms
Snakes and Reptiles of the Lowveld
Special Conservation Package - Care For Wild
Special Conservation Package - GameWays
Special Conservation Package-Worldwide Experience
Trails Guide
Wilderness Navigation
Wildlife Management